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Curating culinary experiences worth having, teams worth joining, and lives worth living.



Over 50 Years

Experience & Counting

With over 50 years of combined service, Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and her co-founder Katie Kim bring an exceptional level of expertise and dedication to Tykhe ATX.


Their extensive experience in the restaurant industry, from development to ownership and management, has equipped them with the knowledge and insights necessary to thrive in this competitive landscape.


Sue and Katie's track record of successful ventures and collaborations with renowned chefs demonstrates their ability to navigate challenges and create innovative dining experiences that captivate customers. Their deep understanding of industry trends and consumer preferences positions Tykhe ATX as a leader in restaurant development and ownership.



Exceptional service lies at the core of Sue Kim-Drohomyrecky and Katie Kim's approach at Tykhe ATX. Their unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations and creating memorable dining experiences sets them apart.


Sue and Katie's passion for excellence permeates every aspect of their ventures, from the selection of top-tier ingredients to the training of dedicated staff. They prioritize personalized attention to detail, ensuring that each guest receives impeccable service and leaves with a lasting impression. With Sue and Katie's relentless pursuit of perfection, Tykhe ATX sets the standard for exceptional service in the restaurant industry.

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