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Stuck in a rut?
Not hitting your metrics?
Looking for ways to get more efficient?

Tykhe Group will meet with you and your management team to discuss current operations, and collaborate with them to find the refresh they and you need to be able to take your business to the next level.


There is ALWAYS another level! Want to achieve it? Not sure where to start? or how to do more than you are doing right now?

Tykhe Group will meet with you to evaluate current systems and have a strategic session with you to outlined how to elevate your processes, team and develop a plan for taking your business to the next level.



You started a business for the love of it and now you are doing what feels like everything, have no time for family or a life, the business is consuming you.

Tykhe Group will meet you where you are at and work with you and your team to define systems and train them on how to use them, how to grow them and how to make sure you are creating healthy work life boundaries in order to enjoy your business.


What percent is your food cost? How much should your ticket average be? How much can I afford to pay team members?

Tykhe Group will work with you to write a budget, define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and guide the installation of systems to help track and monitor them in order to be able to better guide your business.


Menu stale?  Have your regulars tried everything on the menu and want something different but you are stuck?

Tykhe Group will bring their expert chefs into your restaurant to help with a menu refresh.  They will work with your current options and do some plate punch ups or work with you to add new menu items that work with ingredients that you have and/or add new ones.



At Tykhe Group, we take our wine seriously - VERY seriously!


Tykhe Group will come and assess your menu and ensure the wine list is able to pair with your food options or suggest new options within your target price range.  Tykhe Group also has an amazing wine experience program where our Wine Team will come and provide an experience for your guests and teach about the chemistry of wine along with your food in order to enable them to better experience your food.

"I have learned so much from my team. Not only from what they do, or what they thought but also from who they are. With this great support, I am very excited with my journey at Playground. I feel confidence with my passion in food and hospitality and the team we will create a lot of amazing concepts. "


General Manager, Playground ATX

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